Product Innovation

Software application development and product innovation services are at the core of our business. Creating integrated and unified architectures, we help startups, SME and large  enterprises in their product innovation, evolution. We do the technological heavy lifting enabling our clients to focus on their business.

Mobile Strategy

When it comes to empowering your employees, sales team, field staff and customers, mobility matters. We help you to establish your mobile strategy and implement unique solutions for B2B, B2C and B2E. 

Business centric mobile solutions are not just "apps". To be successful, these solutions need to be based on a solid architectural foundation that enables leveraging latest tech, best practices and aligns with your market strategy. iTelaSoft plays a niche role in this space, providing advanced expertise across a variety of mobile development platforms.

IoT & Devices

More and more businesses are leveraging smart devices to autonomously monitor and optimise their services. We help organisations in this domain, by providing services in remote sensing, operations monitoring, asset tracking and predictive maintenance.

Our expertise in electronic design, device fabrication, firmware design, network security, machine learning and data analytics, makes us an one-stop shop for all your IoT needs.


iTelaSoft's data solutions and services help businesses to unlock the full value of data through adoption of data science and machine learning.

Our data solutions and services offer Customer Segmentation, Trend Prediction, Sentiment Analysis, Personalised Product Recommendations, Visual Insights and Conversational Interfaces.
iTelaSoft is an accredited partner of AWS, and provides comprehensive consulting solutions for AWS customers.
Find out more about how we utilise AWS technology to elevate our clients' businesses.

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