iTelaSoft is a platinum partner of ISTQB, the International Software Qualifications Board that set qualification standards and testing of professionals. This accreditation ensures correct capabilities and trust to our customers in quality engineering needs.

Why an Independent Partner is Important?
Choosing an independent quality engineering and validation partner such as iTelaSoft offers several advantages.
Unbiased and independent assessment
Access to specialised and experienced professionals with modern tooling & frameworks
Flexibility, scalability & cost effectiveness
Risk mitigation and regulatory compliance
Quality Engineering Services
iTelaSoft provides a wide range of Quality Engineering Services for different scenarios.
Case Study

Discover how Gigaclear leveraged a strategic QA partnership to achieve sustainable growth and operational excellence. Explore their journey to continued success.

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Why iTelaSoft?

iTelaSoft is a full spectrum software services provider with its independent Quality Engineering and Validation team. There are many reasons why we have been a trusted testing provider for more than 10 years

Experience in complex applications and multiple domains

Test competency in web, mobile, API, IoT, and integration applications

Specialised test needs such as cellular service testing & salesforce testing

Mature methodology and tool-set
Platinum Partner with certified engineers

Compliance with industry standards (GDPR)

Who Depends on Us?
Number of organisations ranging from start-ups, scale-ups, to large enterprises depend on iTelaSoft for Quality Engineering and Validation services.

What our client says

“We started working with itelasoft six years ago, initially with some small projects around building the Pockitpal mobile app and that experience was very positive and as our business has grown over the last six years we've continued to engage at itelasoft in a variety of projects both frontend UI projects and backend projects and safely say we've also recommended itelasoft to a number of friends and fintech organisations. They've been great in terms of finding good resources for us, offshore resources predominantly to help us build our business over the last six seven years.”

Gary Cobain


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