Services and Expertise

Product Innovation

Software application development services and product innovation using sophisticated technology technology stacks are some of the core components of our business. Find out how we can support you in your software product lifecycle.

Mobile Strategy

Business centric mobile solutions are more than just "apps". They require well thought-out user experience, complex integration, and deep security. We help organisations to achieve their mobile strategy by applying our competencies.

IoT & Devices

From smart devices, messaging platforms, and device management, to monitoring and predictive analytics, we offer a range of valuable propositions in the IoT space. Discover how our electronics and embedded software team can help you.

Data Science and ML

We work with advanced technology in the data science and machine learning space to capture hidden patterns and insights in your business's accumulated data. Learn how iTelaSoft can make sense of your business data.

Our Technology Competencies

While we have our own opinions on various technology stacks in the industry, we respect the technology choices of our customers. We know that different frameworks and stacks suit for different purposes, depending on the size, complexity, time to market, maintainability and immediate budget. We work with a wide array of technologies for various areas of software development.

Application Development

We work with a wide range of front-end and back-end technologies for web application and API development. Our team has built everything from simple CMS-based applications to Enterprise Grade solutions for various customers.

Mobile Development

In the world of mobile, one size does not fit all! Development methods and technology stacks need careful selection due to various factors. We provide varying solutions with different approaches including Hybrid, Native and Cross-Platform mobile development.

Application Testing & QA

We provide Testing Services for all our development engagements. In certain cases, we also provide dedicated testing services for products. While many projects need manual testing, we are also engaged in niche testing needs like API testing, IoT devices testing, and load testing.

DevOps & Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure and deployment is one of our key areas of proficiency which we essentially use in all engagements. We work with AWS and Azure services for infrastructure, and we also work with many continuous integration frameworks. Beyond that, we provide services in monitoring and crash reporting.

IoT Design & Development

IoT solutions can be simple or complex. They might be throw-away gadgets or long-term solutions. We use chipsets and modules from various manufacturers for implementations. Our components suppliers and fabrication partners help us deliver small-scale or large-scale solutions.
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